The stones at Callanish on the west coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland¬† Early on midsummer morning an entity known as the “Shining One” walks the length of the avenue, his coming heralded by the call of the cuckoo. I did not see him as I worked on this painting laying my large sheet of Japanese paper out over unrolled corrugated cardboard. I was approached by a mellow young man who offered me some lager from a can. No cuckoos were heard.

Midsummer again and this time I shall be in London at Holland Park with the peacocks. Every day 10am until 7pm from 24 June until 2 July I shall be at the Ice House Gallery curating ‘Fluidity’, the exhibition of my paintings along with the ceramics of Bridget Drakeford. We have been selected to fill this intimate space beside the park cafe and on the way to the opera. The Ice House was the store for ice for the great Holland House and remains a cool shelter even in the scorching heat. A wonderful place to linger and refresh the mind and body, convenient for cups of tea and beguiling art.